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September 12th, 2009

Happy Birthday, Christopher Kastensmidt!!

Petrol Queen
Today is ckastens's birthday! Hey, Chris, this isn't as cool as the Marshmallow Man on his trip to Tokyo you gave me on my b-day, but it flies and seats four! I stayed up till midnight, btw, to put this up as tomorrow I'll be sleeping in and, you know, missing Saturday morning cartoons. (Do they still have those?) Hope you have a great birthday, my friend.


Birthday shout-outs at the Clubhouse

Petrol Queen
I've been meaning to put this up for a while, because as most of you know I try to give everyone on my flist a b-day shout-out. Problem is, my flist is getting bigger by the day and I'm afraid I'll miss someone. For those who don't know, this is how LJ works as I understand it. If you list your birthday (doesn't have to be the year) on your profile page, anyone who list their birthday gets an email alert. Most folks do this, but not everyone. Just saying, if you'd like a b-day shout-out (and don't be bashful to ask for one) and you don't want to list your birthday on your profile page, please let me know the month and day. Either in the comments or email me here.
Obviously I enjoy doing this. It breaks up each month from writing fiction, doing interviews, and just the flat-out weird posts I like to throw up. And I think everyone should have a special day. ;D
Again Happy Birthday, ckastens!!

John Hiatt

Petrol Queen
Berry (selfavowedgeek) put up a post this morning which reminded me again how much I love the music of John Hiatt. Now here's a singer/songwriter with a lot of talent who's never really hit the big time, but he's been an inspiration to me. And in the tradition of the musician anecdotes I sometimes put on Berry's LJ, I'll share this one with you.
Back in the late 80s, John Hiatt was an American pop singer somewhat in the tradition of Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson. One story about him went that around the same time his record label unceremoniously dropped him his wife committed suicide. He was living in LA at the time. I don't know all the details behind it, but this story always struck me a particularly tragic.
When I was hanging out and playing music for a living, on occasions I'd come across a waitress or a bartender who looked distraught over something. To help put things in perspective I'd relate this story, and the response usually was, "Thanks, Marshall! I guess I'm not having that bad of a day." Usually brought me a nice smile too.
The cool part of the story is that John Hiatt moved from LA to Nashville, got another record deal, met a lovely woman who had three kids from a previous marriage and then they had a daughter together.
Of his album Bring the Family, here's… "Your Dad Did"


LJ wonky

Petrol Queen
I've been having a problem since last night with including usernames in posts. Has anyone else had this problem?

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