Marshall Payne (marshallpayne1) wrote,
Marshall Payne

Free today!

Today, both my stories “A German Storyteller” and “Imago” are free for Kindle.

“A German Storyteller”: When Zoie Apple of Fredericksburg, Texas purchases an old German-style oven from the Grimm brothers, she gets more than she bargains for. Enter Hank and Gretchen, two no-good punks with designs on Zoie’s oven-baked goodies. Don’t miss “A German Storyteller,” a retelling of “Hansel and Gretel” from the point of view of the oven!

“Imago”: On Ganymede, famous psivid artist Anthony Martel and the holographic illusion of his wife are not the celebrated couple they once were. Broke and desperate, Anthony is forced to gamble the essence of his dead wife in a game of Quombie. But is Kyla really his dead wife―or is she’s an imago? Don’t miss this cyberpunk thriller played out in a high-fantasy world of the human mind!

A German Storyteller cover Imago cover
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