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June 3rd, 2009

Karen Magon 's Birthday!!

Today is kara_gnome's birthday! All day long! Hope you have a great day, Karen!
(Some of you probably saw yesterday where I'm unlocking most of my future posts here in the Clubhouse, and I've now decided to do the b-day shout-outs here instead of the other LJ. I think it'll be more fun here. Karen, yours is the first!)


Sir Blinks a Lot aka Blinky

When my new three-eyed pet toad arrives tomorrow I've decided to go with southernweirdo 's name "Sir Blinks a Lot" for his birth certificate, but we shall refer to him by j_cheney 's suggestion of "Blinky" for his nickname here in the Clubhouse.  All fine suggestions from those who chimed in. Thanks, gang, for helping me name my toad! 

T.J. (southernweirdo ) has implied that if I lick him I might unlock his magical properties. We shall see…
I haven't even held him yet, but I already love Blinky more than any boy could possibly love a toad!
Stay tuned. Tomorrow I'll have pix of his first day at his new home



Diversity Statistics

Pilfered from[info]aliettedb. Behind the cut is the breakdown of my 107 (mostly) main characters from the 32 stories I've sold and/or had published.  Though with the wacky offbeat stuff I often write, this is a questionable estimation of exactly what a lot of these characters actually are. Though their gender is almost always evident, some of them aren't "real" people in the traditional sense but representations of humanity in a gonzo SF/F storytelling environment, as I tend to let my muse run off and get in trouble sometimes. Still, my goal is to make them feel like "real" people with human wants and desires. What I find the most rewarding is playing around with the ideas of science fiction and fantasy, as well as storytelling, and peopling my worlds with odd characters to show the absurdity of life. I guess that's my disclaimer for what follows. :D

Diversity statisticsCollapse )



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