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January 30th, 2010

Writing update

This has been an odd but eventful week. On the novel front I'd been wrestling with that Chapter Four is the strongest chapter in the opening section. And while Chapter One needs to get across the information and set up it contains, it's not as striking as Chapter Four with the introduction of the character of Corona. So I'd been thinking, Too bad I can't kick the novel off with Corona. Then, Why not? So I took the first eight chapters and did a reshuffle, making Chapter Four the new Chapter One, etc. I'm reminded of the film Desperately Seeking Susan, where Madonna steals the show from Rosanna Arquette. Yeah, Corona steals the show in this novel, so I think I'll let her.

Now that I think about it, Corona does somewhat look like Madonna, despite her "refulgent peach-pink skin gleaming like translucent glass, almost porcelain to the eye, and her golden hair resembling fiber optic cables of fey brilliance." She's a half-haint and maintaining her vitamin B3 level is important so she doesn't slip off the mortal coil. Nowadays she steals magical artifacts and sells them to the highest bidder since she doesn't turn tricks anymore. Being a hooker required too much corporeality. ;-)  

And while last week I got two hold notices, this week I got two rewrite requests. One from Dark Recesses. The second from Triangulations: End of the Rainbow. I'm rewriting the one for Triangulations (I really want to be in this antho along with stillnotbored and catephoenix), though I'm going to pass on the one for Dark Recesses. The latter is a little flash horror piece I wrote a while back and that story doesn't hold much interest for me anymore.

13 stories currently vying for oxygen in the slush pile. Not as many as in the past, but I'm trimming back a bit and focusing on this novel.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend! Yes, it's even a bit nippy here in Texas.


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