February 18th, 2012

Marshall Payne

Short story writing

While I'm still cranking out weekly words on the current novel-in-progress, as of February I began writing short fiction again. (It's been a couple of years, as I've been concentrating on novels.) So far this month I've finished three. A 1200-word flash piece, a 3900-word short about Corona the half-haint who you've probably heard me talk about.

The latest is called "A German Storyteller." A 4300-word retelling of "Hansel and Gretel" told from the POV of the oven.

I've never retold a fairy tale before. I like to think mine's a bit different from the norm. It has meth manufactures in it, along with a "Weird Woman in the Woods" who's a septuagenarian flower child with a New Age muse. And two reprobate teen siblings, a brother and sister, on a wicked crime spree. No happy ending, but I think it's a funny one, in a black humor sort of way.

And to throw all caution to the wind, the narrative is somewhat metafictional as the oven likes to comment on the art of storytelling in a stately though hip and glib style.

Who knows if I can sell it, but I did manage to sell "Pandering Dwarves" to The Hub a couple of years ago. Which still slightly amazes me because of that story's content. So anything's possible.