March 1st, 2012

Marshall Payne

Writing progress

Since January 1st I've written 31,968 words on the new UF with the working title of Dhoul. And better yet I finished three short stories and they're out in the world trying to find a home. All three stories were written in February for a total word count of 1200 + 3900 + 4300 = 9400.

I'm never worked this way before, spending time each week (beginning in February) on both novel- and short story-writing. Amazingly I'm finding switching gears easy enough. Actually it works well because I can let one project sit for a day or two, have something else to work on, and then come back to it.

And here we are at the beginning of March!

The new short story I'm working on is about a guy and his imaginary friend. In a nutshell, I've turned the trope upside down: everyone else can see his imaginary friend but he can't. Here's the opening paragraph:

It wasn't until sometime well into this nightmare that I looked up the name Coby online, as I had never known anyone by that name or given it much thought. Hebrew in origin, it means "supplanter." Fitting. For never before has one individual--if you can call her that, she's more of a force of nature--done a better job of usurping my place in the world and making me feel so insignificant.