May 17th, 2012

Marshall Payne

Green eggs and 5am

I went down to the Taco Cabana on the corner to grab stillnotbored and I a couple of breakfast tacos. Pretty good fast food, btw. They have a new employee there. Hip young guy with a good sense of humor.

His nametag proclaimed him to be "5am." I mentioned this and Sam laughed, taking it in stride.

I've gotta use this in a story someday:

Everyone called him 5am, though the name on his birth certificate was Samuel. Sam to his new acquaintances not privy to the nickname he'd picked up as a teen at his first job where they'd run out of S's to make his nametag. Despite his moniker, 5am was not a morning person.

Who knows, with the right narrative, 5am might go on to become the most beloved figure in fast-food folklore fiction.