June 10th, 2012

Marshall Payne


Here’s the Acknowledgements for my upcoming collection Pandering Dwarves and Other Time-Travel Tales. If I missed anyone…they’ll be more collections and novels coming!

First, Jaime Lee Moyer, Linda Steele and Oz Drummond for their thoughtful beta reading. Paul Di Filippo for his help with the Introduction and for being an inspiration in how to write truly weird, twisted fiction with a heart and a soul. Vincent Wright, my life-long pal whose early influence suffuses so much of my work. Angela Slatter for her support of my career and writing. E. Catherine Tobler for her singular wit, cupcakes and more. And Berrien Henderson, T. J. McIntyre and Vaughan Stanger, my three LiveJournal buddies who seem to “get me” best.