June 25th, 2012

Marshall Payne


My SF story “Imago” is now available for Kindle on Amazon. This has always been one of my favorites. The idea came from this true-life story about singer/songwriter John Hiatt:

“Around the time he completed 1985's Warming Up to the Ice Age, his second wife committed suicide. Following the release of Warming Up to the Ice Age, Hiatt was dropped by Geffen Records.”

Talk about having a shitty time in your life. Whenever I think things aren’t going my way, when my life really sucks at the moment, I think about John Hiatt and try to put things in perspective. It's really helps! (Btw, eventually Hiatt remarried and signed a new deal with A&M Records!)

That story has stuck with me over the years, so I retold it and set it a few hundred years in the future:

“On Ganymede, famous psivid artist Anthony Martel and the holographic illusion of his wife are not the celebrated couple they once were. Broke and desperate, Anthony is forced to gamble the essence of his dead wife in a game of Quombie. But is Kyla really his dead wife―or is she’s an imago?”

A 6200-word story for only $0.99, available HERE.