July 3rd, 2012

Marshall Payne

Petrol Queen official release day!

It pleases me to announce that my industrial secondary-world urban fantasy novel Petrol Queen (The Battle for Amel-Gar, Book 1) is now available at Amazon.com. Reasonably priced at $2.99! I hope you’ll check it out and order a copy. Available HERE.

The trade paperback of Petrol Queen will be available soon! 

Aeons ago dragons reigned in Amel-Gar. Today, Ziane Kont controls the precious J-fuel necessary for the war effort, secretly extracted and synthesized from the underground bones and magic of J-mu and her dragon weyr, the greatest of their kind. Now the spirit of J-mu lives on inside Ziane, forcing her to morph into dragon form, a curse soon to be passed down to her daughter.

Nineteen-year-old Lana Kont is in love with Dallon Jaser, her freshman history professor. But when her mother orders his execution, mother and daughter are pitted against one another as they bend the pollution-based sky-haints to assume dragon form and wage war in the sky.

Corona is a half-haint, an incorporeal being in constant danger of slipping off this mortal coil. When she becomes involved with the revolutionary group, the Agony Underground, she is caught between Lana and Ziane in their struggle for supremacy―a struggle that could destroy Amel-Gar itself.

eBook cover
Marshall Payne

On Goodreads now

I've set up an Author's Page on Goodreads. A few of you I've already found and friended. Any of my pals here on LJ that I haven't yet, feel free to add me and I'll add you back. Thanks.

And allow me to show off my fancy yet sedate (Jaime says it's "classy") new logo. You know, DBA, etc. I was thinking about adding Houston, Dallas, Kerrville, Hooterville and Bugtussle like the Big publishing houses, but thought I'd keep it simple.