July 5th, 2012

Marshall Payne

Acknowledgements and dedication

Having released Petrol Queen into the world, I’m hard at work on whipping Jimmy-Don and the Texas Hill Country Ordeal into shape.

This is one of the advantages of being an indie writer. I can put two novel series on the market at once, write and publish the sequels, and see which one works best. I’m well into Corona, the sequel to Petrol Queen, but I’m so amped to write Book 2 in the Jimmy-Don series, Jimmy-Don Does Del Rio. (Or as it’ll turn out, Del Rio does Jimmy-Don!)

Here’s the acknowledgements for Jimmy-Don, Book 1, which includes Super-Sekrit Friends stillnotbored, stillsostrangeselfavowedgeek and j_cheney:

First, to Jaime Lee Moyer for her stellar input, going over this with a fine-tooth comb and putting up with weeks of me walking around the house spouting Jimmy-Don bon mots and sundry. And Linda Steele, who catches what Jaime and I miss. Amanda Downum for German translations and Maria Deira for assistance with Spanish. (Any mistakes here are entirely my own.) Berrien C. Henderson for moral support and totally getting the outlaw-singer Jimmy-Don concept. And J. Kathleen Cheney, an expat Texan whose conversations about setting this first novel in El Paso led me to realize I needed to set this in my own backyard―which was when the writing really took off.

to my mom, the world’s biggest Gene Autry fan on either side of the Guadalupe River.