July 7th, 2012

Marshall Payne

Petro Queen - Trade Paperback

In addition to my novel Petrol Queen being available for Kindle, it is now out in trade paperback on Amazon.

I found uploading my fiction to Smashwords and Amazon for ebook a relatively simple task…while the learning curve for POD was frustrating at first. I wanted to tear my hair out getting the formatting correct. More than a few hours involved. But now that I’ve got it figured out, it’ll be easier from here on out. The advantage is, once you get it right on paper it stays that way. With ereaders it changes slightly from device to device. But all in all, getting Petrol Queen out on trade paperback was a hellava lot of fun. My own copy just arrived and it’s rather cool reading it like a…book!

Petrol Queen BookCoverPreview SMALL